Adam Bachman
Software Developer

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I am a many-hats, full stack Software Developer, ask me anything.

I build cutting edge web applications to help people get their work done faster and with fewer errors, so they can get on with their lives. I make sure web apps don't fall over when we're not looking.

In the past I built data warehouses for Black & Decker, founded the Baltimore Node hackerspace, crafted Ruby on Rails applications with Smartlogic, and built and maintained a web-based ticket sales platform for Figure 53.

These days, I'm helping Adafruit Industries build systems to connect makers and the things they make.

Sketches, Ideas, Toys, and Other Work

  • Anagram Generator
    Because I kind of LOVE writing anagram generators. Powered by anagrammit-go, the latest incarnation of my anagram generator.
  • Seating Chart Designer
    A fully custom, dynamic, interactive seating chart designer and sales tool for Tixato.
  • L-System Renderer
    Exploring L-Systems with the eventual goal of growing fungus.
  • The State of Figure 53's Sales circa 2015
    Comparing Figure 53's sales numbers by state to other things I know about states.
  • Conway's Game of Life
    A live, interactive, HTML5 canvas-based implementation of Conway's Game of Life.
  • 1-Dimensional Cellular Automata
    Why explore cellular automata in TWO dimensions when ONE is perfectly adequate? Wolfram's Cellular Automata™
  • Mortgage Calc
    A simple mortgage calculator, useful for finding a balance between paying off debt early vs. investing early. Built with smooth, low fat vanilla.js
  • Selector Grid
    A toy example of a grid-based selector for fixed length groups of cells from a grid. The example use this was written for was a prototype web-based stage lighting design and programming application.
  • Clock.js
    A Javascript library for accurately tracking the passage of time in a browser window.
  • qcmd
    A command line client for interacting with QLab 3's OSC interface from anywhere on the local network.
  • processing-coop
    A multi-user app you can spin up to play with Processing.js over websockets from inside your browser of choice. Built in a long, bleary-eyed, late night hack session at Ruby DCamp.
  • the sketchbook
    Just a whole, big old, MESS of Processing sketches. Probably some Ruby and Arduino code mixed in there, too. This is definitely code that doesn't make money :D