adam bachman


A dynamic, interactive seating chart designer and sales tool for Tixato. November 2013
exploring L-Systems with the eventual goal of growing fungus. April 2012
comparing Figure 53's sales numbers by state to other things I know about states. February 2012
a countdown timer, accepts params. December 2011
conway's canvas or table - Game of Life in HTML. September 2011
laterlist - screenshot - "Like Instapaper for stuff" November 2010
ideator - "Idea Cards" May 2010
Circle Breaker July 2007
Bubbler August 2007
Bubble Pop August 2007
Network Toy August 2007
Pixel mario November 2007



the makers' society - what I'm holding myself to.
github - software and scripts, all open source.


Figure 53 - software for creators